Council Reply

“In reply to your email dated 2/10/08 requesting further details with
regards to the A1174, with regards to your question about jointly funding a
project with Hull City Council.  Whilst do aim to work in partnership with
our neighbouring authorities, in this particular instance, Hull City
Council already have cycle facilities within their boundary.  It would
therefore be the responsibility of this Council to find the funding for
such a route

The Authority reduced the speed limit along the entire length of the A1174,
between Hull and Beverley from 60 mph to 30/40 mph in February 2000.  The
accident statistics for the 5 year period before and the 5 year period
following the implementation of the speed limit reduced by 26%.

You requested details of the costings/contractors of the cycle lane from
Beverley to Leconfield and the Woodmansey scheme.  The contractor for the
Beverley to Leconfield scheme (length approx. 5 km) was Wrights
Construction and the scheme cost £195,000.  The Hull Road, Woodmansey
scheme (length 1.2 km) including a zebra crossing was £215,000, contractor
Wolds Construction, but involved more re-construction and drainage work
than the Leconfield scheme.

The Council received approximately £3 million a year from Central
Government to deliver Local Transport Plan Integrated Transport Schemes for
the whole of the East Riding.  The Capital funding for these schemes are
overseen by a team of Capital Project Boards members which includes the
Team Leader, Ian Burnett, Transport Policy.”

The onus is on East Riding to connect the network along the A1174.

I will look for accident data and analyse the £3 million budget.


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