Council Reply!

East Riding coucil sent a nice reply to my enquiry about a cycling lane on the A1174 Beverley – Hull.

“With  regards  to  your  request for improvement of the cycle lanes between
Driffield,  Beverley  and  Hull,  especially  on the A1174 from Beverley to
The  Council   is  committed  to  promoting  and  encouraging more cycling,
particularly  for  shorter  journeys  such as commuting, shopping or school
We  have  recently introduced numerous cycle schemes around the authority’s
area  including  facilities  between Woodmansey and Beverley, Leconfield to
Molescroft  and   Beverley Road, Driffield showground to station, the total
cost of just these three schemes was around £500,000.

With  regards  to  a  cycle route linking Woodmansey to Dunswell roundabout
along  A1174,  the  council  submitted  a  £2.5m  supplementary  bid to the
Department  of  Transport  in  2004  for  a Beverley to Dunswell Integrated
Transport  Bid  which  induded  a package of measures including an off-road
cycle  route,  however  this  was  turned down.  Since then the council has
provided  an  off-road  route  from  Beverley  to  Woodmansey village (King
Street)  and  zebra  crossing at a cost of approximately £250,000. Also, as
part  of the council’s Local Transport Plan budget road safety schemes have
been  implemented,  with  part  of  the A1174 speed limit reduction from 40
m.p.h.  to  30  m.p.h. which provides a safer environment for cyclists.  We
also  promote  a  quieter  lane route for cyclists from Beverley along Long
Lane  (Route  66/1).   Whilst we appreciate the remainder of the route from
Woodmansey  village  to  Dunswell  roundabout is not ideal, to date we have
undertaken as much as we can with the available funding.

Transport Policy – Asset Strategy
Senior Transport Policy Office

It’s not surprising really, any serious investment in cycling has to come from the top and it appears cycling (and public transport) isn’t a serious priority to our supposedly eco friendly government.

I plan to get more details of contracts and get involved in the cyclist lobby. Theres no harm in providing feedback and maybe influence council policy although I fear I’m far too insignificant.

Still no reply from my MP, I might find out where he lives and hide in a bush outside his house until he appears.


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