A1174 and updates

Sorry I’ve been a bit distracted recently, I’ll get back to improving the maps. I recently rode to Manchester which was apart from the beautiful Huddersfield narrow canal was pretty horrible. It never fails to amaze me the backward steps we’ve taken in transport over the last century or so.

I’m starting to pressurise the authorities to improve the cycle lanes between Driffield, Beverley and Hull. The train is a rip off and its a shame considering the cycle lanes in these towns is generally pretty good.

The main area of focus is the A1174 between Beverley and Hull. This is the only quick route between Hull and Beverley and an absolutely horendous road to ride. Hopefully with some help I can can them to build a decent cycle lane. Someone had the great idea of putting it along the river hull which would be ace.

Proposed Routes

Currently only 0.3% of the transport budget is spend on cyclists and pedestrians….

I’ve learned a bit about the openmaps project, its pretty impressive and i reckon the future of maps. Unfortunately it’s not quite as fast and easy to use as googlemaps. However I hope to learn more and contribute what I can.


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