Like I said before I welcome any input.

If you sign up to a google account creating your own paths and adding markers on google maps is very simple. You can then either provide a direct link to your map or export the path as a .kmz file to google earth. Its an extremely powerful system and only in its infancy.

If you create any routes simply send me your map direct link or .kmz file and as long as they don’t go into the north sea I’ll add them. I could do with info on any back ways/commuter routes in hull, beverley, york… as I don’t know them very well and it’ll be extremely useful for people.

Creating Routes

Annoyingly you have to use google earth to change path colour and thickness, don’t worry if you can’t be bothered as long as you describe conditions in the path description I can change it.

p.s. when I get round to it I’ll put markers at pubs with opening times, if you know any good ones send me a marker


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