Here – Philip Larkin

great poem about Hull and East Riding.



A new route across the north was opened in early September.

I haven’t gone past York but I know the bit from Driffield to York well and it’s my favourite bike ride…beautiful countryside, good roads and hardly any traffic (apart from a 1/2 mile mud path bit outside Dunnington – warning: the main road alternative is horrible).

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Does scrapping speed cameras save money?

The government seems to getting rid of speed cameras mainly because it will save money, is this true?

Unfortunately figures are only available for safety camera program which includes mobile cameras and traffic light cameras as well as fixed speed cameras.

From 2000 to 2007 the average revenue was £10 million/yr. The safety camera program is funded centrally and receipts are passed back to government. Government has cut central funding by about 1/3 while still taking receipts leaving roughly a £38 million hole.

There is controversy over the effectiveness of cameras, a cochrane review of the evidence concludes:

“Despite the quality of the included studies being judged to be weak, the consistency of reported positive reductions in speed and crash outcomes across all studies suggest that SEDs are a promising intervention for reducing the number of road traffic injuries and deaths.”

A interesting figure to note is the cost of personal injuries of prevented accidents, the The national safety camera programme: four-year evaluation report estimates this roughly amounts to £258 million for 2003/4.

To put things in perspective the same report claims total cost of road accidents (including property damage, police and insurance costs) in 2002 was £17.8bn.

Timelapse videos

I bought a tiny camera to attach to my bike and made a few videos. Its a bit bumpy but not bad at all.

The first is Driffield – Bridlington.

You can see its mostly nice country lanes and how little traffic there is along the route (partly due to the manual level crossing).

I recently moved to Leeds and did a couple videos around where I live.

Around the Eccup reservoir and into University.

Back home from university.

For some stupid reason they decided to build a motorway through the centre of the city.


Cycled around spain abit, wouldn’t recommend it to be honest, at least from Biblao to Barcelona.

Its a very bike unfriendly country, you can’t even take your bike on most trains, I had to pack it into a box and put in on a coach with was a right pain in the arse.

Also 95% of spanish drivers are maniacs.